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Pioneer Cold is a third party logistics provider of comprehensive, temperature-controlled supply chain solutions for both large and small companies. In today’s dynamic market conditions, Pioneer Cold takes a proactive approach to our customers’ supply chain efficiency.


Our logistics experts understand the demands of refrigerated warehousing and distribution services for frozen, cooler, and dry products. Our state-of-the-art facilities are meticulously maintained in order to provide safe and efficient solutions for your supply chain requirements.


Our company dedicates itself to developing the most effective strategies for our clients. Our goal is to update your infrastructure with hardware and software solutions that ensure optimal results and operational success.


Excellence in Customer Service is of paramount importance to Pioneer Cold. Our customer support team will work with you to provide a successful logistics program for you and your company’s supply chain. Proactive service and a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends in the supply chain world today is all part of our commitment to a higher standard of service.

Our customer service and operational teams work closely together providing quick reliable response to service requests and informational inquires.


Pioneer Cold’s facilities are exceptionally suited to meet your products’ warehousing needs. We offer 15,000,000 Cubic Feet of storage capacity for frozen, cooler and dry products. Our modern facilities are designed, built and equipped to provide the best possible environment for customer’s products. Critical Cold Chain requirements are secure. Our people possess the in-depth experience in the implementation of proper controls to protect product integrity and provide comprehensive inventory management.

We also offer services for the proper handling of Organic Products.

Our facility is manned with 24-hour security for added protection.

Pioneer Cold is committed to the sustainability of our environment. We limit what we put in the landfill and have created a culture of recycling throughout the company.

About Pioneer

Pioneer Cold Refrigerated Warehouse was founded in 1947, by Mr. Joseph J. DeLiso. Initially serving the agricultural needs of the New England region and the emerging frozen food industry, today Pioneer Cold offers a comprehensive range of 3PL services to meet the needs of today's supply chain industry. Pioneer's focus is to be proactive about understanding the direction of the industry. We provide supply chain development-services for many customers and our team must be well educated in supply chain service science. It's imperative to understand where the market is going so you can help your customers be prepared.

Our Mission

To provide comprehensive warehousing and distribution services To achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction To enjoy our work and provide our customer a positive experience To add value for our customer and to our community Highly qualified warehousing and transportation specialists who are committed to Excellence in Service


The Pioneer Cold family has been an integral part of our community for over 60 years, and we are proud of our strong commitment to support the needy. Through our involvement with the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts and other charitable initiatives, Pioneer Cold helps to alleviate hunger and enhance the lifestyles of the less fortunate.



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