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Pioneer Cold
Value Added Services

Pioneer Cold offers a large selection of additional services: repackaging, inspection services, shrink wrapping, cross docking, drop trailer programs, pick and pack programs, direct consumer shipping, disaster recovery, and blast freezing. Pioneer Cold can help your supply chain become more efficient with all these services coordinated by a single source.

Supply Chain Integration

Pioneer Cold specializes in Supply Chain Synchronization. Production based customers have needs for raw materials, packaging and ingredients. By taking advantage of a more integrated supply chain design, we can drive efficiencies by synchronizing the delivery of daily needs of raw materials with the pick up of finished goods ready for market. We can help integrate those products on a more frequent basis into either your production facility or the distribution facility. These value added services will help your supply chain become much more efficient by keeping your costs down.

Contact our customer service department at sales@pioneercold.com to see how we can help develop the most efficient solution to meet your supply chain needs.

Holiday Peaks

The holiday season can be a challenge for many distributors, as it is a peak period requiring extra capacity of facilities, equipment and personnel. Pioneer Cold can play a key role in maintaining critical customer service levels by relieving bottlenecks and out of stock during the holiday rush. We are able to position your holiday inventory in closer to the customer base and in advance so it is available and ready to meet demand.

Pioneer Cold can also transport your product from our facilities. If you are a distributor, we can assist with direct to customer services, bypassing the distributors docks and reducing the fingerprinting of your product. By utilizing Pioneer Cold's services in advance of and during the hoilday season, your company can better support peak demand and can remain efficient throughout the hoilday season.

Load Consolidation

Consolidation is an important competitive advantage in a successful supply chain. Pioneer Cold often has multiple customers sending products to the same distribution centers. This allows for consolidation of your products resulting in transportation savings. Load consolidation will drive supply chain efficiencies for both companies, and will allow your company to get your product to the customers more efficiently.

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