Becoming Energy Efficient in 2019

It’s 2019 and the movement towards more energy-efficient and green solutions to business applications
is gaining more headway than ever. For this reason, we at Pioneer Cold decided that it was time that we
do our part in limiting our footprint on the environment.

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To do this we have invested in new technology that can help not only save energy but also, reduce the cost of upkeep in our facilities, and enable us to provide better service to our clients. Some new
additions in technology have been made to our storage facility. We now have faster closing insulated freezer doors, which allow us to keep the cold air inside where it is supposed to be. This makes for a higher quality storage facility, making it much harder for stored products to become freezer burnt. As well as it allows us to use less energy to maintain safe operating temperatures.

Another step we have taken to reduce our effect on the planet has been to install motion controlled LED lighting in all of our facilities to avoid lights being left on over long periods of time, wasting energy. This keeps only the portions of the storage facility that need light lit up at that moment in time.

The last piece of technology we have implemented has been computer-controlled thermostats for the
warehouse. This is extremely important, now if a portion of the facility rises above the required
temperature by even a degree the computer will catch it and adjust the thermostat accordingly. This not
only saves energy by keeping the temperature constant and not requiring the cooling system to work
harder, but it also establishes peace of mind for our clients as there is no worry of their products being
stored in an unsafe environment.

To learn more about Pioneer Cold and its facilities please visit our website at

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