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Modern, state of the art warehousing and distribution facilities are critical to your supply chain’s success. Pioneer Cold provides more than 15,000,000 Cubic Feet of refrigerated warehousing storage for frozen, cooler and dry products. With three on-site refrigeration engineers, our state-of-the-art refrigeration equipment is continually maintained to the highest of standards. Our facility supports over 50,000 pallet positions of controlled temperature storage from -20 to +56 degrees, computerized real time inventory control, and modern, efficient material handling equipment. Our facilities are USDA and Silliker inspected and approved, and are meticulously maintained to provide the cleanest, safest environment for our customers’ products.

Pioneer Cold understands the importance of the safety of your product. When it comes to the protection of our customers’ products, we make no compromise. Pioneer Cold invests in the extras to provide our customers the added level of safety and quality assurance. Our warehousing and distribution facilities are manned with 24-hour security for your protection. With Pioneer Cold’s capacity to move more than one million cases per week, we have the ability to handle your product flow requirements and the information systems to precisely track it.


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Refrigerated Warehousing Sustainability Efforts

We have retrofitted our entire facility from metal halide lighting to motion detected LED lighting. This leaves areas of the facility dark until we need to operate in that area. The conversion reduced electrical load by 843,000 kWh annually.

This energy savings also helped to decrease air pollution and environmental damage by the following amounts each year:

By removing those quantities of pollutants from the air, we had the same effect on the environment as:

Planting 740 Acres of Trees or…
Removing 134 Cars from the road each year or…
Saving 70,658 Gallons of gasoline each year.

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