Refrigerated Inventory Management Services

At Pioneer Cold, we recognize having reliable storage is a crucial piece of your business operations. Our Warehouse Management System is designed to provide you with your product inventory and data in real-time. You are able to access your refrigerated inventory any day of the week, any time of the day.

We also specialize in supply chain integration for any stage in the production process as Pioneer Cold not only manages finished goods for its customers, but raw materials as well. We are able to schedule delivery of various ingredients and raw materials, as well as pickup of the finished goods once completed.

Our newest Warehouse Management System allows you to access your data through a secure, online portal, along with being able to view:

● Inventory balances
● Transaction history
● Scheduling information
● Schedule appointments
● Place orders/Request Reports

The advantage of utilizing an advanced system such as this is that it allows you to view your specific refrigerated inventory in real time in our complex network of millions of moving pallets. As a result, this allows us to account for every case of your inventory, and your customers get your product in a shorter timeframe. 

For more information on our Warehouse Management System, give us a call to discuss your business’ needs at 1.888.FROZEN1.


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