The Truth about Refrigerated Transportation Services

What is Refrigerated Transportation?

Refrigerated transportation is also known as a private fleet of temperature-controlled freight services. Products are delivered in a built-in refrigerated full truckload or LTL freight service. This service is a key part of the supply chain and distribution process. Products to be transported include but are not limited to, ice cream, meat and poultry, dairy products, frozen meals, the list goes on.  Refrigerated transportation is a cold service that delivers your products to any destination including, wholesalers, retailers, production facilities, and more.

This is a photo of the TL and LTL Refrigerated Transportation Services

Why Should You Encompass a Third Party?

It is necessary to have expert refrigerated transportation services for a variety of reasons. If your company has high demand for transportation of raw ingredients, you want to ensure that an experienced service provider can safely and efficiently transport your products to avoid spoiling or damage. You might also want to reduce overhead on transportation of your finished goods. Refrigerated transportation is a key part of a business efficiency and success. Managing your own cold transportation can be difficult and risky. Having a refrigerated transportation solution involved with your company ensures precise temperature control, extreme safety, and decreased amount of risk.

Choosing the Right Refrigerated Freight Services

In order to receive the best refrigerated transportation services, you must work with a trusted and reliable company. Pioneer Cold Logistic Services provides the safest and most efficient services for their customers. We have the years of experience and talented specialists who fully understand this business. Not only are your products being well maintained, they are also being GPS monitored, and serviced. We ensure that your products will arrive in only the best condition that they started in, to any point in your supply chain. Last minute delivery is also offered if your fleet or transportation provider lacks capacity! You can always expect on-time service and communication from Pioneer Cold. We understand that refrigeration transportation is extremely important for businesses to run at their best ability. There are no surprising hidden fees with our services and we partner with companies to a majority of key service points throughout the Northeast.

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