Frozen, cold food, and beverage products are constantly being stored and shipped daily. It’s important that those products are transported and stored at proper temperatures to ensure that all food and beverage safety regulations are being met. Enlisting a cold chain provider will help make sure that your companies’ food and beverage products are stored and shipped properly at all stages of your supply chain. 

What is a Cold Chain Provider?

The term “cold chain” is a series of actions using specialized equipment to maintain a product within a specific low temperature range all the way from harvest or production to consumption. A cold chain provider overseas this process to make sure that product is stored and transported to its final destination at the appropriate temperature.

What Benefits Can a Cold Chain Provider Offer My Business?

Food and beverage protection should be the biggest concerns with any manufacturer and distributor. Each company has its own system for ensuring food protection. Cold chain providers can take the stress of storage and transportation off your shoulders and are responsible for making sure that your product is stored and transported at the proper temperature. They are also responsible for maintaining an accurate inventory of your product, transaction histories, placed orders and delivery scheduling information.

How Can Pioneer Cold Help You?

Pioneer Cold’s facility has over 15,000,000 cubic feet of warehouse storage for frozen, cooler and dry products. We have three professional onsite engineers to ensure our temperature controlled warehousing is always running as efficiently as possible. Our staff will maintain your inventory through our Warehouse Management System to provide you with accurate and real time information. We have a private fleet of well maintained and managed, temperature controlled freight trucks ready to transport your product to wholesalers, retailers and food service operators. 

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