What Storage temperatures do you offer?

Pioneer Cold Logistic Services offers a wide range of temperature-controlled warehousing solutions at various temperatures, all with food safety and product integrity in mind. We offer ambient, 36 degrees, 40 degrees, 50 degrees, 0 degrees, and -20 degrees.

What are your hours of operations?

A. Hours of operation are Monday-Friday 6am – 8pm. Weekend and holiday service of any type is available with a minimum 48-hour advanced notice, from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm, and is subject to a $300.00 facility fee, and double time hourly rate per labor hour, four hour minimum.  Sunday and Holiday service is available at a triple time hourly rate, four hour minimum.

What Holidays is Pioneer Closed?

New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day

Do you offer transportation?

Yes, we offer a full private fleet of well-maintained, GPS monitored, and managed equipment ready to be of service for full truckloads as well as LTL temperature-controlled freight. If you are looking for a simple solution in the transportation of your product, Pioneer Cold Logistic Services is ready to assist.

Do you offer case selection?

Yes, Pioneer Cold offers case selection services  where we will consolidate your order, palletize and wrap it, so it is ready to be picked up for your customers.

What areas do you service for transportation?

Pioneer Cold Logistic Services provides temperature-controlled transportation to all of New England and beyond. We also provide a national LTL brokerage service.

Do you offer transportation for Ice Cream?

Yes. We offer our temperature-controlled transportation fleet with LTL and Truck Load services for Ice Cream throughout the Northeast.

How many pallets can you fit on a trailer?

On a 53 ft trailer we can fit up to 30 pallets if they are all turned sideways with no overhang of product on the pallets.

Are your trailers and tractors maintained?

Absolutely!  All trailers are washed out weekly.  Sooner if necessary.  All equipment is in a regular PM schedule and records are meticulously maintained.

Do you require an appointment to pick up or deliver to your facility?

Yes, an appointment must be secured at least 24 hours in advance to avoid same day express fees.

Do you accept product fresh to be frozen?

Yes, any product that comes in 10 degrees above its storage temperature will be subject to a charge of $1.05 per CWTG for freezing.

Do you rework product?

Yes, product rework is a service Pioneer offers.

How tall can pallets be for storage?

Acceptable pallet height can vary depending on required storage temperature. Generally, 72 inches is a good point of measure, but other pallet heights may be acceptable.

Is your facility a driver unload facility?

Yes, Pioneer is a driver unload facility, but unloading services are available.  We accept Comchecks, T-checks, and cash.

Do you offer cross docking?

Yes, where goods are received and shipped within a 24-hour time frame, without storage.  Handling charges are based on the number of pallets cross-docked.  Typical cross-dock is $25.00 per pallet and the $5.00 Bill of Lading charge will apply unless otherwise stated in writing.

Do you have lot traceability?

Yes, if your account is set up to track by specific lot data, we have the capability to pull the data from the system to show the activity for the entire lot from beginning to end.

Do you check temperature on product coming in and going out?

Yes, a minimum of 3 temperatures is taken for an inbound or outbound load. Typically, temperatures are taken for product for the start, middle, and end of each load.

Are you able to track by EXP dates?

Yes, we are able to track by EXP, production, manufacturing, or any specific lot data you need tracked to get the information required.