Cold Chain Associations and Affiliations

Pioneer Cold Logistic Services sits on the board of several associations that ensure the high standards of our Cold Chain industry, which in turn ensures a safe, high quality environment for your products.

The Global Cold Chain Alliance is a multi-national organization that sets the standard for how the Cold Chain Industry is operated throughout the world. Launched in 2007, the GCCA offers their services over 1,300 companies in 75 countries the proper resources to maintain their products to the proper temperatures.

As a partner of the GCCA, WLFO was founded in 1943, and provides an educational and technical resource hub for Cold Chain providers, therefore strengthening the cold chain industry overall.

As a partner of the GCCA, IARW promotes best practices in the Cold Chain Industry through industry research, education and more.

As a partner of the GCCA, IRTA provides important data for the transportation section of the supply chain, which in turn helps add efficiencies to improve the Cold Chain process overall.

IIAR is the leading source for safe and efficient use of Ammonia for refrigeration purposes. 

TAM provides educational and other benefits to the transportation industry, and sets the standard for how products and other goods should be transported in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

NEWFDA provides its members with strategic resources and unique programs, which in turn better enhance our industry.

The MFA represents the interests of the Commonwealth’s supermarkets, including cold chain providers.

EANE provides its members with the highest quality resources available to promote a productive workplace for its members.

The NDSA revolutionizes the dairy supply industry through gathering of new data, and development of new idea to better the industry through a better quality product.

FRANE provides informational and educational resources for several members of the Frozen foods industry.

NFRA is a national leader in the promotion and support of the frozen and refrigerated foods industry.

AFFI is a trade association that supports the efforts of all members of the frozen food and beverage industry.

Our cold chain expertise is critical when handlingstoring and transporting your inventory. Pioneer Cold’s operations leadership offer over 75 years of combined experience in the food distribution industry, so you can be sure to trust us with your products. If you’re interested in learning more about our temperature-controlled warehousing services or how we can help your business, give us a call at 1-888-FROZEN1.

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