The Importance of Having a Client Portal

What is a Client Portal?

A client portal includes a collection of secure data, files, and information that is privately accessible to clients online. This is a system that allows clients to view their specific inventory tracking in real-time. A client portal also has access to support at all times of the day.

Is My Data Safe in this System?

Not only do our clients have access at all times, we ensure that all of their data is secure. We are a reliable company with a consistently secure Warehouse Management System. We also make sure your inventory is in good hands while being tracked. Each client is given unique portal information to view only their data and refrigerated inventory.

Why does Pioneer Cold Logistic Services have a Warehouse Management System?

Having this system gives the client freedom to see track productivity at all times, giving them the ability to update their customers in a shorter timeframe. This is also used to check inventory instantaneously and look back at tracked history. If you need to schedule an appointment or share any information necessary with Pioneer Cold, this all happens on the portal. Our clients also have the option to place orders right through the online portal and request any required reports. We also believe having this quality system creates higher productivity rates. It makes it easy to see your refrigerated inventory any day of the week at any time of the day.

This Technology Keeps Us Connected

It is important that we collaborate with our clients while working with them. The Warehouse Management System gives our clients complete access to Pioneer Cold Logistic Services. Having a quality updated system is what makes us more efficient then our competitors. We want our clients to be aware of how secure their refrigerated inventory is at all times.

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